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The purpose of this portal is to create a place for communities to gather and  to put the right information and tools in the hands of those who want to better understand the process of integration and assist immigrants on their way to achieve the American Dream.  Navigate the Community Resource Bank by:
  • Learning more about an issue in the Resources section
  • Read about communities who have found innovative ways to work with newcomers in the Success Stories section; or
  • Find other providers in your state or across the nation in the Connect section.
Most importantly, please send us your feedback and ideas for this site; share resources and come back often to view updates. Thanks for visiting!

    The Georgia Project Brings Needed Educational Support to Georgia's Latino Schoolchildren

    Success Story
    PRIME-LC: A New Medical School Program Geared to Helping Latinos

    Resources for Local Governments and Communities
    A Rural Service Provider’s Guide to Immigrant Entrepreneurship
    The Role of Municipal Leaders in Helping Immigrants Become an Integral Part of Colorado’s Communities
    Public Benefits
    New Requirements for Citizenship Documentation in Medicaid
    Funding Immigrant Integration

    Investing in Our Communities:
    Strategies for
    Immigrant Integration
    (A Toolkit for Grantmakers)

    State by State Census Data Analysis on the Foreign Born 
    County-level Immigrant Population Data 
    A User’s Guide to Data on Immigrants in U.S. Communities (PDF) 
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