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This section provides a wealth of information on various topics related to integration, gateway communities and organizational development.  You can navigate this section by using the links to the left. 
  • The By Topic section provides an overview, basic information and ways to connect with a network of organizations working on timely integration issues such as citizenship, civic participation, education, etc. 
  • The By Community section offers information on new immigrant states and highlights what some local governments are doing to address the changing demographics in their states. 
  • The By Function section offers resources on leadership development programs and fundraising information for community based organizations working with immigrants and refugees. 

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Resources for Local Governments/Communities (posted 12/06)
A Rural Service Provider’s Guide to Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Resources for Local Governments/Communities (posted 12/06)
The Role of Municipal Leaders in Helping Immigrants Become an Integral Part of Colorado’s Communities
Public Benefits (posted 12/06)
New Requirements for Citizenship Documentation in Medicaid
Education & ESL (10/19/06)
Research on English Language Acquision
Civic Participation (8/06)
Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Toolkit for Movement-Building Electoral Organizing
Public Safety (4/27/06)
Forcing Our Blues into Gray Areas: Local Police and Federal Immigration Enforcement, a Legal Guide for Advocates
Legal Services (4/06)
Know Your Rights: Advice for those who are fired from their jobs for participating in an immigration rally. (También en Español)
Legal Services (1/06)
American Bar Association Summary of ICE Detention Standards
Public Benefits (11/05)
Ensuring Immigrant Health and Well-Being

State-by-state Census Data Analysis 
County-level Immigrant Population Data 
A User's Guide to Data on Immigrants in U.S. Communities 

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